Daily Quotations List

FMDQ Daily Quotations List


FMDQ Daily Quotations List (DQL) includes USD/Naira products, Federal Government of Nigeria (FGN) bonds, Supra-national, Agency, State Government and Corporate Bonds, Nigerian Treasury Bills (T.bills) and other Money Market Instruments e.g. Commercial Papers.

The DQL provides closing prices for all trading products and model prices of non-trading fixed-income securities calculated by applying a derived risk premium on the sovereign risk-free yield curve. The DQL also provides market-indicative rates/prices for products trading but with low liquidity.

It is the official source for the Nigerian OTC market indexes and Fixings, namely the Nigerian Inter-bank Offered Rate (NIBOR), Nigerian Inter-bank Treasury Bills’ True Yields (NITTY) and Nigerian Inter-bank Foreign Exchange Fixings (NIFEX).

Download the Daily Quotations List (May 25, 2017) – PDF


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