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The one-stop shop for your debt capital, money and currency markets participation needs. Whether actively trading on the markets, informing investment decisions, keeping abreast of the activities in the markets – financial market news, fundamentals, tips, historical facts, raising debt capital or seeking participation in the market as a Member of FMDQ, the e-Markets portal provides a unique and tailor-made solution.

FMDQ e-Markets, a technology initiative in line with FMDQ’s agenda to be operationally excellent, has been designed to suit the needs of different users in varying capacities – from issuers, investors, financial institutions, regulators through to Members of FMDQ. There is something innovative for everyone…

The FMDQ e-Markets Portal consists of the following sub-segments:

  • e-Knowledge: The FMDQ bespoke online knowledge centre which consists of the following sub-modules, providing a host of financial markets and FMDQ-markets related data and information: e-Discovery; e-MarketData; e-Analytics; e-MarketMedia; e-MarketReports; Closing Prices
  • e-Benchmarks: Online repository for Real-Time and Historical Fixings and Indices data
  • e-Broker: Online brokers transaction reports
  • e-Registration: Online issues registration (Coming Soon)
  • e-Subscription: Online membership registration (Coming Soon)
  • To enquire about becoming a Member of FMDQ and to enjoy the unique benefits of e-Markets, contact bog@fmdqotc.com

    Launch e-Markets

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